Event uploader

Is there a way to load events into the database via cvs? I have an old
site and need to enter them into the database... Will  pay for this mod. Thanks

  • Can you email me with a more detailed description?

    Also, how much are you willing to pay for this?


  • I program mostly in Perl. I have designed an application that can create the html pages or create a flat file similar to the one below. If I were to create a bot to post the events to my site, I would be wasting resources. If I had a php script that could read the flat-file (one event and relevant data per line), that would be much faster and less server resource intense. I am willing to pay if I can get this off the ground...

  • We can definetly do it.

    Can you give me an example of what the flat file looks like?

    (I prefer we discuss further in private. PM me or email please.)

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