Login box on the right

Anyone point me in the right direction to move the login box into the right hand colum? I have vasco mainpage 3 colum installed is that matters.


I have searched for a way to do this as I thought it would be a common question.. either my search skillz are weak or its not as easy as one may assume?



  • Hi backtogeek,

    Yeah, you need php coding skills to accomplish this, basically look in your plugin, and reorder lines of code. Many little tweaks like that are common in my daily experience using Elgg.

    Uddhava dasa

  • backtogeek,

    Under vazco_mainpage plugin, You need to edit vazco_index.php file under vazco_mainpage\views\default\canvas\layouts

    Read the code and cut n paste display the login form code from lefthand side to righthand side section.