trying to embed video

I am using 1.61, i have been uploading videos to embed and nothing seems to work.  i tried a few formats.  i select 'embed video' then upload the video, then try to embed it into the page and after a brief pause, i just get a cursor flashing in the comments box (in pages) and nothing else is there.  i tried to install izap video and got another error (form missing,,,_token _ts something or other...) and looked at Kaltura but i have to register and pay once i get past 10GB.

I am a teacher, trying to set this up as an online portfolio for my students.  so we will need to get this working.  

any suggestions would be appreciated.

it is not on my own server.  i am paying for hosting.  i just have the usual cpanel access.

  • Hi benner,

    After you saw the cursor blinking, click the HTML code, sometimes the code is there, although nothing appears on the content box. Then, if you click submit it does appear in the post.

    Uddhava dasa

  • In my case, I had to disable htmlawed plugin (which is not recommended) to embed the video in my comments.

    Try disabling htmlawed and embedding the video off youtube again. If you are uploading the video, make sure you are uploading the right format (i.e. .flv mostly).

    Or simply install iZap_video plugin, and place it under Embed plugin within plugin order and then upload your videos through iZap_videos and then embed them to your pages/groups/blogs etc.

    Tho that too would work with htmlawed plugin being disabled (atleast in my case).