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Interested in recommendations for hosts that have a keen understanding of elgg. I realize there is an approved list, but I'm not sure what "approved' means. Does it mean they offer all the services and knowledge to effectively and professionally support all types of elgg installations, from the very smallest to the huge? Are all hosts equal, I'd say not. Are they friendly? Do they respond well and fast to support issues? Are they, well you know, are they the best, great, not so good, ok, however? Will they help us set up our elgg? Will they help us manager our server? All that stuff. Are there others that work well with elgg that are not approved? We don't have an immediate need, but we could very well need enhanced services in the near term, so it's a good time to start looking. Recommendations?

  • I use 1and1 hosting on a VPS 3 server. This provides me enough flexibility to do whatever I wish. As far it goes though, I am my own administrator.

    Your problem may not be so much about hosting as much as needing someone who can maintain/administrate your site, which is quite a different thing entirely.

  • We've now got a dedicated server for another project with a host that does everything. We develop custom apps and if we ever have any kind of problem, they are there, they even do daily backups. They really manage our system well. But they don't have any elgg experience and since neither do we, we'd love to find a host that can lead us in the right direction. The curverider turnkey solution sounds like it could be an excellent opportunity, but it appears it's only in beta now.

    For example -- we just learned that we need to delete log files on a regular basis. We didn't know that, and so then what else don't we know?  We'd like a host/manager that knows all the ins and outs of elgg to keep us going.

    We know marketing and we know business and we're learning elgg, but we don't know servers. Our fear is that we get lots of users and lots of business and the system crashes. We'd rather get going and stay on right path from the start.

  • I host elggsites in my dedicated server. My server was customized by me to respond well with elgg. Send me a mail to mario@eucrio.com.br and say to me exactly you need.

  • Ron Like Zack above we host with 1&1 but with a dedicated sever. Very Good so far 3rd month, good price. But we have a sever expert on our team (Dhrup)

  • One thing is certain, you need to get something that allows you control your server enviroment. Besides using 1and1, the server itself is a centos install... because linux comes in a variety of flavors, there can be various tiny differences between them.

    I am no "expert", but I dig all the time. It's the nature of the game. Sometimes a how to on ELGG is not nearly as straight forward because a situation/configuration comes down to who you host with, what instal of linux, and how is that system organized.

    Often I have to look on boards and sites for answers to particular questions other than ELGG because it far easier to find specific answers to my questions on a site dealing with Centos.

    All that aside, the good news is, once you start to grasp the particulars of your set up, you really are gaining valuable knowledge for your future. Bookmark solid information in your browser... even better, make copies of the same information and don't trust that a web page you found great information on will be around the next time you need it.

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Professional Services

Professional Services

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