Repeat Option for Events

Is there a way to add events with the repeat option i.e. every day, week, etc? Currently the event_calendar plugin does not provide this  option.

I think it is a pretty useful feature to have.


  • Was looking to see if this had been requested previously before posting.

    Agreed that this would be a most useful feature, and second that request.

    Just ran a workshop this evening for community groups using a site I built with Elgg ( ), and several organisations had regular repeating weekly and monthly events that they wanted to add!


  • I third that request! I need it also. I hold monthly meetings and weekly luncheons. Making the event repeat would save a lot of time compared to manually entering them every week.

    Options to repeat per date, or day, weekly, monthly, etc

    My Main meetings are every 2nd thursday and luncheons 1st and 3rd thursdays



  • Add my name to the list.  Our group is currently evaluating different solutions for creating our social networking site and being able to create recurring events is a must have feature.  Is this currently available in this or any other Elgg plug-in?

  • Icarus, that feature is possible but would need to be funded. Private message me if you want to discuss this further.