Observation of plugins behavior with Multisite

Over the last couple days I have played with all the ins and outs of the multisite plugin quite intensely and discovered by accident this evening that most plugs that are installed on the main domain site are also configurable on the subdomain side as well.

In an earlier post Fabrice and I were talking about an option to allow local admin the ability to play with settings for different plugins. I think that is still an option to explore.

However this evening I noticed that if i was logged in on subdomain I was presented with a menu at the top of the page that is pretty standard such as Dashboard, Tools, Adminsite settings and Administration. 

I decided to click on Administration and there I was presented with a lot more admin options that are not available to local admins. In the Administration menu I had full access to configure all plugin options. After testings and doing some changes I realized that changing anything here only affected the behavior and control of the subdomain I was on and not the main domain site.

So even if the next release allows super admin to allow local admins to have access to configuring plugins for their community super admin can always o in ad configure the settings and over ride anything a local admin does

  • I also encountered this problem.

    The plugins settings are Global, due to lack of site_guid in their management.

    If I change a setting in site A it is changed in all my sites. 

    I didn't find yet how to fix this.

  • @theFather  that is true, global admin (super admin ?) can always do anything  whatever the site and local admin can only set the plugins that the super admin has given him rights to do.

    @ Alivin When a plugin use the set_plugin_settings function the settings are specific to the local site (community) so that you can have a different plugin setting in each community. The pb is when a plugin use metadatas which are linked to users. Then when a user goes from one community to another he keeps track of the plugin metadata value whatever the community he is logged in. As you said, this is due to a site_guid missing in metadats description. I made a track about this. For example, i bypassed this pb in my plugin welcomer by making the matadata's name site dependant (something like $user ->metadata_root_name.$site_guid )

  • I fixed it. Wait the next release.