Removing Group Members

I see how to delete group. Edit group etc...

I do not see a way to remove any members from a group. Have I missed something?

  • Hi,

    Did you find the answer to this ? The only way i know, is that the user logs into the groups, and then clicks on "Leave group".

    Uddhava dasa

  • No I did not - currently there is no way for an administrator to remove someone froma group. There is an old plugin here on the site called group contact list. However it does not work with Elgg 1.6.1

    That plugin was made for Elgg 1.1 and was experimental - However it should be able to be reworked to work with 1.6.1

    Also I think the ability to remove group members by eithe rthe admin or the group owner is a feature that Elgg should have built into the core.

  • @Father

    $User = get_user_by_username($userID);
    if (!$group->isMember($User))
    $group->join($User); // School Admin always a member

    I've sent you the code already !!!
    that is the basic stuff needed !!
    i've known from 6 months back that you're quite very good at php coding !
    why don't you just take that base code and write up a more detailed version and run with it ? it will work. . .

  • @Father, did you manage to get any of it working? I would love to have a look at it. Am more of a frontend than backend.


  • Yes there is a new plugin that was uploaded a couple days ago that works just fine. Its called group list or something like that. When you find it you will see my comments on it