Suggestion For New Multisite Features

I did not see a thread where I could post stuff like this so here it is.

With 2.33 version of Multisite things are looking good and I am finding that this can be a very valuable tool in building a huge community of sub communities...  The possibilities are endless. I personally want to thank all of the people who have worked to develop this plugin and get it as far as it has come so far but after playing with i see that there is still a lot of room for this to grow. 

With that said a couple of minor things I would like to see are:

1) Logos - Currently - Under the community list right now to the left of the community name there shows a grey circle with a question mark in it. 

Suggestion - Allow the owner of the group to upload a logo or avatar to replace that.  - Possibly have some stock avatars for the new community to choose from. Either way that would just be a cosmetic change.

2) Under the create a new community site can we enhance this just a bit with more information?

Example - Currently it says Create a New Site - Suggest changing it to Create Your New Community Web Site

Example - Currently it says Description - Suggest changing this to Please give a Brief description of your community

Example - Currently it Says URL: This is the prefix of the full URL - Suggest adding an example URL of and possibly after the user clicks the save button at the bottom the next page that loads should show all the information for their new community that they just entered with a note that says thank you for creating a new community. It is now active and ready to add members. Click here to start administering your new community.... etc...

I know that part of this is simple changes to language file and I can change it there but as soon as I upgrade to a new version of the mutisite plugin all changes to the language file are lost. 

3) I would love to see an enhancement added to the create a new coimmunity page that allows a box to be checked if the new community is a  web site for adult only or not. If it is an adult type web site then I when someone clicks the connect button they will be taken to a disclaimer page or something similiiar. If it is not an adult type web site then when they click the connect button they would go right to the community.  Further the local admin should not have the ability to change the settings of  this box after they initially create their community.

Further is this enchanment can be added then under the listings of the different communities I would like to see something that says Warning: Adult Only Community <--- That would only apply if the box is checked when creating a community that is geared towards adults only.

Well this is all I can think of off the top of my head right now. 

  • Hi The Father,

    1) Logos : this is a point i have to deal with. It is not  so much stuff, ill try to implement it in the 2.3.5 : uploadinf a community logo at création or updating time

    2) I suggest that you send me you language file :)

    3) This would be useful for "ninglike" elgg multisites. I ll see if i have time enought to implement this in the 2.3.5

  • @Fabrice - Howdy Howdy

    1) Logos would be a great cosmetic update - Thx for seeing about getting that worked in

    2) Let me update my language file later and I will upload it for you.  Have you opened up a google Code or sourceforge for working with the code etc as of yet?

    3) Yup that is indeed a ninglike feature. I think that adding this to the 2.3.5 version would be Great! Matter of fact if you like I will beta test that feature ahead of time for you.