Problem with Date

In my elgg site......My All dates and birthdate come  day before as I have put....Like If I have given my bday as 22 nov then it will show 2 nov so for this what I do?


My my elgg site


I m having problem as If I give my birthday s 22 nov then it comes out as 21 nov. Can any one help me out from this.



  • There is no reason for you to start 3 different discussions about this problem above.

    I'm sorry if no one has answered you as of yet.  Someone who knows the answer will possibly try and help you but need to give it time.  Off hand I would say check your server settings to make sure that is ok. Then be patient and wait.

    Oh yeah - Search is certainly your best friend here on Elgg and on Google!

  • (1)    get rid of that huge funky picture so that i can read the text !!! lolz ;-)
    (2)    chk yr server php settings which control date fmt !!! ( i mean ditto to what me papa just said lolz.. )

  • Hey thanks now tell me what I do?


    I want to make it work properly..


    Tell me the procedure