I just started using Elgg 1.6. I was wondering if anyones know when 1.7 come out if it will be a easy update? I have to reinstall to 1.7? I will have a lot of members and don't want to lose them. I have also explored Buddypress WPMU but like Elgg better seems like it built from the ground up. Just want to make sure going forward if this is the right choice. Please if anyone has any comments please way in.

  • You will have to spend some time upgrading, depending on wchich and how many plugins you are using. Usually the bottleneck comes if you have too many plugins, and one or two of them don't work with the upgrade, then you need to get into coding.

    If you are expert in php, then no problem. If you have no knowledge of coding, its best, to simply stay with 1.6.1 until the plugins are updated, and then switch to 1.7.

    Estimate, is that 1.7 is going to be released in December 09.

    Uddhava dasa