Messages module sends corrupted messages to email addresses of users

If a user creates a message using the elgg messages plugin an email is sent to the recipient's email address as well as the email being received in the messages inbox.

The email version of the message received has all sorts of ' ' and '–' and '£'

I noticed that it's not just my site that this happens with, so am assuming it is an elgg problem. I suppose in the sending process the html is not translating to provide a line break, dash of £ sign but is rather sending the 'code'.

How do I fix this as it creates a very 'ammateurish' impression.

Still using 1.5 until 1.7 comes out.


  • Hi people,

    Any thoughts on this one?


  • What I really want to do is stop the message being displayed in the email. Only having a link to the message on elgg is the best idea, otherwise people read the message in the email and have no reason to log into the site - plus the dumb ones reply direct to the email. Doh.

    Anyone know how to make it happen like this?