Customisation - Possible?

Hello there,

I am new to elgg and have been experimenting with a local installation on OS x 10.5. I am developing a social network site for my country on a zero budget so am hoping I can do a lot of the work my self. In terms of skills I have very strong CSS & XHTML and can uderstand the basic syntax of PHP, javascript. I can theme a wordpress installation with moderate ease. Now I would like to know if the following is possible to do in ELGG before deciding to lock myself away for 2 months! Or would I be better souurcing another 'paid platform'

Different user roles i.e lets use analogy of a restaraunt chef, headchef, manager, waiter, customer. All roles are equal unless a subscription is purchased.

Control the amount of media each user puts up. i.e max 5 pictures, 5 videos.

basically what I am looking for is the modelmayhem is set up, with a forum for job listings and discussions. really straight forward and no fuss.

Just on first looks It seems this would be possible but it would be like carving tree for a match when I could just buy box of matches!!


Any help greatly appreciated