CKEditor and mediaEmbed issue on Elgg5

Hello. I have tried to insert the mediaEmbed button on CKEditor5/Elgg5 (5.1.4) using the plugin settings. Even the mediaEmbed plugin exists on CKEditor5 as I can see at


it's not displayed. The error I get in console browser is:

ckeditor.js:2 toolbarview-item-unavailable Objectitem: "mediaEmbed"[[Prototype]]: Object
Read more:

I have managed to add other CKEditor JS plugins but the mediaEmbed doesn't work, even on a fresh installation.

Has anybody faced up this issue on CKEditor5/Elgg5 ?

  • Never used CKEditor but maybe this is a reason of your issue:

    removePlugins: [
          'MediaEmbedToolbar', // is not yet supported in CKEditor5 but throws console warning
          'MediaEmbed', // this plugin only provides backend oembed support. Can be enabled by plugin that provides frontend support
          'TodoList' // disable this by default as we do not allow input form elements in htmlawed
    in \mod\ckeditor\views\default\ckeditor\config\base.js
  • Thank you @rivervanrain. Somehow I missed this code, I had focused on vendors/ckeditor5 folder.