A ChatGPT user like a Elgg plugin...

By Wogker

I have a chatbot project for Elgg in my head, even before the famous ChatGPT existed.

My idea is to create a plugin to create an Elgg user that is a bot with ChatGPT. I don't know how to program and that's why I don't know if I'm writing something crazy. :-)

To understand the idea well I give an example. On my website there is a user named GPT. Of course now in a user updated by me but I would like that user to be able to automatically respond to actions or questions from other real users.

The chatbot configuration requirements can be infinite (responses/day, responses/user, learning, by groups, etc.) but that would be something to be developed in future versions.

I have tried to develop a basic code at https://www.codefy.ai but my programming experience is zero and it is impossible for me.

Is there anyone interested and capable of developing this idea? Of course, we can talk about "money."

Thanks for reading me, Wogker.

PD: sorry, yhis text is a spanish tranlation

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