How to remove /pg/ or /mod/ from URL?

What i want is URL should be easy, user friendly and SEO friendly.

I want to change url from


i mean i want to remove that /pg/ or /mod/ from the url.

I have seen this at some places which says it is possible through mod_rewrite if yes please let me know how can i do that in Elgg?

  • You need to add rewrite commands to the .htacces

  • I fail to understand why the addition of two or three letters to the URL ("pg" or "mod") should result in URLS that are not "easy, user friendly and SEO friendly".

    As Webgalli said, you can rewrite URLs using .htaccess but to do this for *every* Elgg URL would not be easy and could create strange bugs.

    It hardly seems worth while to me.

  • As far as I know the closer the URLS to the root domain the better the SEO result.

    is better than


  • What is the meaning of PG ? Is there any intention to use the "PG" if its not helping elgg why its there ?

    @Kevin while you fail to understand why the addition of the words should result in SEO  friendly, I and other users fail to understand why the words should be there.

    The simple the urls the better I think.


  • @Dhrup  Which php/technical specialties am I talking ?

    Look at my post  above again. I was asking... what is the meaning of  "PG" ? Because I dont know.

    Instead of acting like that why didnt you answer ? And yes i am an php amateur.

  • @agus

    There are more considerations for SEO than just the URL - keywords, descriptions, no of other sites linked to yours, user clicks on your site and the list goes on. There are hundreds of sites and books devoted to the subject.

    pg = page

    mod = module

    It's normal to have a heirarchy in a url, but as noted you can change through mod rewrite if you really want. Kevin is absolutely right though - you'll cause yourself a nighmare. Don't do it.

    Better to concenrate on what you can influence than get the elgg team to rewrite the whole structure for you. The rest of us don't have much of a problem with it.

    Dhrup often speaks in riddles - don't worry about it.

  • @Ralph  Thanks. Its true there are more considerations than just the URL. Me myself like cleaner URL :)


  • Friends thanks for your reply... yes it's true that it is possible to through mod_rewrite. But as Kevin said doing it for every elgg url is not that easy, that's why i asked this question. May be one of us know how to solve this issue and give us a perfact solution for this. Ralph you are right it never creates that problem but if this problem will get solved, it will be great & URL's will become user and SEO friendly which can simply increase your site popularity.

  • I know that pg means page. But I don't know where is the $CONFIG->wwwroot . "pg/blog/".  I can't find a pg directory under my wwwroot. Who can explain it for me? Thanks!

  • OK... I may be talking rubbish, but I think that the PG referance is generated by something that originates in the elgg core engine and you are therefore stuck with it.. good to understand this better though.