I’m sorry. It’s not discussion.

Good weekend. 

I’m student. 

I’m installing ‘elgg’.

But I don’t go forward because of ‘Web server warning’.

The message is ‘Your server does not support automatic testing of the rewrite rules and your browser does not support checking via JavaScript. You can continue the installation, but you may experience problems with your site. You can manually test the rewrite rules by clicking this link: test. You will see the word success if the rules are working.’

I try to the link test. So I received ‘success’. But I don’t go forward. 

I try to find knowledge about server something. 

So I understood I have to make a database for web server. But I don’t know What I do. 

I’m sorry. It’s a annoying problem for professional programmer. 


Welcome to any comments or guidances. 


Have a great weekend. 

  • If you're using Apache as the webserver make sure the .htaccess is present in the root of your website. Alsa make sure that a .htaccess may be used in your website configuration of Apache (search on Google how to check this).

    If you're using nginx as your webserver make sure your have the contents of 'install/config/nginx.dist' in your website configuration.

    I try to the link test. So I received ‘success’. But I don’t go forward. 

    You should (on the installation page, not the test page) be able to go to the next step.

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