NC: Search box for blogs, river

Once Elgg 1.7 is in place, I will need two search features:
1. A search feature specifically for blogs. For example, on [elgg site]/pg/blog/[username]/friends/ , a search box would appear to the right or below "Your Friends' Lates Blogs". The search would be for text and/or tags and/or categories posted by "Your Friends". It would also appear for "Your Blogs", and "All", again also being filtered by these.
2. A search bar in the river as well. I am currently using Fusion's three column riverdashboard ( This search box would be filtered first by the tabs, and then by the object. For instance, on the river, I would click on the "Friends" tab, then pull down the dropdown box until I get to "Blogs" and then in a search bar in the river, type "economics" or "politics" and then click search, bringing me to either a new page or else just filtreing the river once more.
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Professional Services

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