multi-site project run from one instance?

was searching for an answer, but have only found fragments and no explanation (or i totally missinterpret what i have seen):

it seems elgg used to be multi-site ready -  means, run different sites accessible with different subdomains or even domains all served from only one installed instance - but that feature was dropped from version 2 to 3.0, if i get it right.

We would want play such scenario: have/run different projects (each not seeing too heavy traffic), but representing very different communities, that needed their own domains .. and a reason not tackling it so far, has been the perspective being forced to install and maintain 3 or 4 independent instances.

Is it that elgg does not fit such a scenario? why was that feature then dropped? there must have been some good reasons for this decision ...?

would other projects/hosts see an advantage of such a feature or have other people earlier asked for it also?

would the elgg architecture allow the implementation of such a feature with reasonable effort ... that one could expect to see it with version 6.x?

  • Multisite for Elgg provided a single control panel for installing Elgg on your subdomains.

    I think this plugin is no longer actual for Elgg.

    Now you can easily do this with a set of tools from Docker, Vagrant, Ansible, etc.

    Also, Elgg has no multisite feature since v3.

    Look at our platform.

    There we use (yet) the ability to run Elgg distributions on subdomains.

    This is controlled by our custom plugin and scripts on the server.

    So you can create something similar for yourself.