Composer updates vs files?

I got elgg installed using a zip file and have it up and running. However, I'm reading that it's best to use composer to maintain updates. Did I mess up by using the zip file and should re-install using the composer method?


  • You can leave it as it is, but next time you will need to compare your current folders and files with the new release.

    Installing via composer and then updating the Elgg instance eliminates this headache.

  • By comparing, you mean if I edited any files to something custom?

    If so, then using composer means I would not have to do that. Maybe I should re-install.

  • By comparing, you mean if I edited any files to something custom?

    No, because Don't Modify Core.

    I meant that the composer will automatically add and remove the necessary files.

    In the old way, you need to copy new files to the current directory and assign the necessary read/write permissions.

    But developers can delete some files, and you won't know about it.

    Therefore, I recommend comparing your current Elgg with the new release and then copying it.

  • I re-installed a new instance this time using the composer method.

    Everything seems to work but one thing... there are no plugins what so ever installed by the installer.

    In fact, there is no elgg/mod directory and nothing else that I can see.

    If I copy the mod dir (from my previous install) and all that's inside to the new install, then I see the plugins but maybe composer won't know anything about them if I do it this way?

    Are there some other steps I'm supposed to take?

  • As mentioned, I copied the mod/ directory and everything inside that from my old install to the new composer based one. Will that be ok or should I be rebuilding or doing something else?

    I don't know why the default plugins didn't get installed but everything else went fine and I have a working site.


  • Can you please let me know if what happened and how I've fixed it is ok? I'm not sure if I should be using the site or rebuilding it now.



  • You've nothing to worry about.
    Everything will work well and will be updated in the future.

  • Thank you.
    From what I've read, perhaps I accidentally used the MIT version which does not come with plugins.
    Just trying to understand everything I can about Elgg.