release 4.3.8 on localhost

Hello, I turn to you because I do not understand what is happening to me. I downloaded elgg 4.3.8 to install it in localhost. I have the XAMPP for Windows 8.2.4. All other CMS like SMF, WP, opencart or others work without any problem. During the installation of elgg I had to activate the requested extension "gd" then restart the server before continuing and then the installation ended successfully.
I clicked on the button to access my new community freshly installed but everything is displayed as if there were no css


I tried logging into the admin page with the following result:

Page not found
The page you are trying to view does not exist or you do not have permission to access it.

I tried to log out but without success, the same thing happens from firefox dev edition, opera, vivaldi and edge


I also tried the beta then the interior editions but it's always the same.
I do not understand, so far I have never had a major problem with the installation of elgg and I love it but there. . wow, can someone help me solve this mystery please?

  • 1. Have you created a data folder?
    What are the read/write permissions there?

    2. I highly recommend that you also enable simple caching in this file elgg-config/settings.php:

    $CONFIG->simplecache_enabled = true;

    and restart the server.

    Check now in the data folder if the following directories are there:


    3. You can also delete views_simplecache manually, then clean the browser's caches.

    Upgrade button via administration can help too.

    4. Last tip is checking MySQL database.

    Elgg database must have at least 18 tables.

  • You might have to enable mod_rewrite in your Apache installation of XAMPP (see also And then you might have to add some lines like

    <Directory "/path/to/Elgg_install_folder">
       AllowOverride All

    to the Apache configuration for the rewrite rules of Elgg to work. Maybe you need backslashes in the path here.

    Also, you might need to set the RewriteBase variable in Elgg's .htaccess file in the Elgg install folder, especially if you have installed Elgg in a subfolder of the domain. The corresponding comment in .htaccess should explain what to do.

  • my fault, the problem was "UAC". By completely disabling UAC everything works normally.
    Sorry to bother you