Elgg.com domain is for sale

This may be of interest to anyone involved in providing Elgg solutions, or to the Elgg Foundation itself.

Curverider Ltd, the company that developed the original Elgg source code, and it's owner Thematic Networks Ltd the sole copyright holders to all Elgg versions up to 1.8.*, They are being wound up as they have been dormant for a few years and have no intention of doing futher work with the Elgg software.

The company owns the Domain name Elgg.com, as well as the Elgg trademarks and wordmarks (which are licensed in perpetuity to the Elgg Foundation). The Elgg trademarks/wordmarks confer the ability to use "Elgg" in domain names, a capability that is only otherwise available to the Elgg Foundation under license. A purchaser of the Elgg Trademarks/Wordmarks would be permitted to do this, as well as license others to do so.

We anticipate the Elgg.com domain name having significant value based on the results of various domain value appraisal tools.

Anyone interested is invited to message and indicate their interest in both the domain name and the trademarks/wordmarks before it is listed on mainstream Domain auction sites. The Elgg.com domain name would of course come with a license to the trademarks/wordmarks to enable the buyer to legitimately use it, even if they don't buy the trademarks/wordmarks in their entirety. 



  • Keny,

    Do you have a link to some more information about the sale?

  • Not to much to add really. If anyone is interested, drop me a line to discuss. Settlement, escrow and domain transfer would be done through a suitable domain transfer/auction site such as Sedo.com. I have listed it there as a "make an offer". If just buying the domain we would provide with a Trademark license, or if the buyer wants the Trademarks as well would provide a formal letter certifying sale of the Trademarks so that it can be formally registered. Albright Patents were originally used for the Trademark Registration, so would involve them to formalise the Transfer on all relevant registers.

  • Hi Ken,

    I hope all's well!

    A number of people formerly involved in the Elgg project, including myself, are interested in purchasing (and ensuring continued stewardship for the community). Do you have a number in mind for the domain + trademarks / workmarks?

    If you'd prefer to discuss this privately, my email address is still ben@benwerd.com.