Error "ElggPluginPackage" missing after elgg upgrade


I'm in the process of upgrading from Elgg 2 to Elgg 3. I was able to run the upgrades after some issues on a testversion of my site.

Now in the admin ALL my plugins are deactivated with this error: "Invalid Plugin: Missing ElggPluginPackage for plugin ID..."

The plugins work fine on elgg 2. What changed on Elgg 3 that they are no longer working?


Thanks a lot

  • Ok I think the /mode/ folder is missing

    but there is a /elgg/elgg/mod/ folder

    do both have the same files? What is each used for?


  • Your plugins must be compatible with the version of Elgg you are upgrading to.

    You should have learned this before updating your site.

    We've written a small guide for this (relevant for version Elgg 2)

  • Hi Nikolai,

    thanks in that case the plugins were missing in the correct /mod/ folder. I must have removed them before for upgrading. I can now upload and test them one by one.

    Update now worked except for the upgrade.php it generates an infinite redirect. Not sure why.

    I mentioned this before in an old thread about a year ago, the other errors there I was able to work out.

    Anyway, the only thing not fully working is the upgrade.php it generates an infinite redirect, specifically it is the url upgrade/init. Do you may be have a hint?

    I might think it has to do with htaccess redirects??

    Thanks a lot, great Version #3 btw. I'm looking forward upgrading to 4.