NS - Technical administration of a Elgg site for closed community

I am looking for a person, preferably based in the European Union, able to be the technical administrator of an Elgg website hosted on a cloud infrastructure. 

The task consists in ensuring that the website operates smoothly, by:

  • updating the core Elgg software when a new stable version is released;
  • updating the plugins when a stable version adapted to the new core is published;
  • solving technical  issues as they appear;
  • upgrading the capacity of the cloud inftastructure (CPU, RAM) to match the scaling up of the number of users.

The Elgg site operates the internal social network of a closed community. Joining is open, but the content is not public.

Professional Services

Professional Services

Get / offer professional help on Elgg; like customization, design, development, setup, hosting... Illegal trades are not allowed.