Elgg and CSS


I am working on an Elgg install for a band who currently has a presence on both Facebook and MySpace. To try to save some time I have brought a custom theme which ironically is called Jukebox: http://www.elggdesign.com/demos/jukebox/ as this seem to fit the profile of what I was trying to achieve and display content from both their 3rd party sites.

The install is here; http://www.latedaybreakers.co.uk/ and is on 1.6.1

The bands name did not fit into the short default space in the header but there was also a large advert there. So the idea was to widen the width for the <h1> name title and use a shorter advert space.

That is where it got interesting! Any attempts to make changes to the CSS that governs this doesn't appear to make any difference, well not straight away anyway dispite flushing the cache. only when I had shut down the browser for the day and looked again the next day did any change come to light.

I had seen somewhere something about Elgg's performance relating to not loading the CSS on every page refresh so my question is how the heck can any customising of the CSS be seen without having to close your browser every time?

I need to find out in order to get this header right and check a few other CSS related issues here, as the theme isn't working as it should with unreadable light text on a white background on the dashboard. I have asked the author of the theme for support but as yet no reply has been made.

Any tip, comments, suggestions welcome - Thanks