The translation of "discussion" in Dutch

By JanS

The Dutch version of Elgg translates the English "discussion" as "discussie". Pretty obvious one would say.

The two have somewhat different connotations however. In English, to discuss, means "to talk about, to exchange ideas (depending on the situation, it might be in order to reach a conclusion)". In Dutch, "discussie" does have the connotation of "a dispute", implies dissent and the aim to convince others.

When for example in English one says: "we brought the topic up for discussion", it is best translated as "we brachten het onderwerp ter sprake" and not "we hadden een discussie over het onderwerp". The latter does not exactly mean that anybody was hurt, but it does imply some disagreement.

I propose that "discussion" be translated as "gesprek".

The reason I bring this up is that in the Dutch forum I use, I notice that people prefer to not use the function called "discussion", when they just want to share something and talk about it.