Cannot activate/errors in plugins/themes


I have looked everywhere and cannot find a solution to the following errors!

In the elgg_shop_commerce it states that it is missing composer.jason 

In the argon theme it states to rename the directory to ""  
(Do themes go into the mod directory also?)

Can someone tell me what it is I am doing wrong, please.


  • Do you refer to the "elgg shop ecommerce" ( and "Argon Theme" plugins?

    They are both for Elgg 2 (2.3) and have never been updated for newer Elgg releases. They won't work on Elgg 3 or Elgg 4. "Fixing" the errors would require to properly update the code of these plugins to work on newer Elgg versions.

    It won't help you with the Argon theme plugin but Elgg themes are installed in the same way as other Elgg plugins, i.e. you would copy the theme plugin folder into the mod directory on your server.

  • Thanks very much!!

    I must have downloaded them in the past!!

    But thanks for the information. I will be more aware of the version for the plugins, etc.