500 error received

hello everyone

i need help

i had the same error before but i replaced the htaccess file to the original and it fixed it, i done the same again and i am still getting the same error, i have 4 members groups and one out of four are working can any one help please


message i am getting 

This page isn’t working

domain is currently unable to handle this request.

  • You need to look into the PHP error logs of your webserver and there you can find some more information. Without that kind of information we're not able to help you.

    Probably you'll find a fatal exception in the log files. With that error you can maybe find out which plugin is causing this issue.

  • silly question where will i find them, the hosting 4u hosting . does that cpanel have log section for php?

  • also i been able to get some errors, which i am confused about,



    i have tried repairing the databases etc and so on. 

    still no luck

    any help would be useful


  • 6 days trying to figure this out and i am still lost, everything looks fine on the files, permissions are ok any other ideas?

  • 1 - Disable all 3rd party plugins.

    2 - Which your Elgg version?

    3 - Go to Administration -> Server and provide all the data from there. We need to know what server you're using, the MySQL and PHP version and other server setup information you can give us.

  • I think you're using PHP > 7.0 on an Elgg version which doesn't support that. For example look at line 9 in the pastebin. It calls the PHP function 'mysql_real_escape_string' which was removed in PHP 7.0 https://www.php.net/manual/en/function.mysql-real-escape-string.php

    So your Elgg version is very outdated.

    Maybe the change you made in the htaccess was to switch to an older version of PHP in order for your site to work.

  • ok the groups was running for a while, and now today i am back to square 1 today after fixing some issues where the whole website went down will didnt go down just didnt shwo the website just the index pages,

    now fixed that and the groups was running for about 5 mins, and now i am getting 500 error code again

    in reply Nikolai Shcherbin

    how can i disable the plugins when i can get into the groups lol unless theres another way to do it

    elgg version is version as the other version doesnt quite have good enough plugings that we need, but current elgg version being used at this time is 1.12.18

    PHP version is 7.4.33

    Hosting Package: Basic
    cPanel Version: 106.0 (build 10)
    Apache Version: 2.4.54
    PHP Version: 7.4.33
    MySQL Version: 5.7.40
    Architecture: x86_64
    Operating System: linux
    Perl Version: 5.16.3
    Kernel Version: 3.10.0-962.3.2.lve1.5.70.el7.x86_64

    in reply to Jerome Bakker

    yea it using version 7 of php. i have looked into the .haccess file, and restored it from the default one,

    when i made this post it was all ok after Nikolai Shcherbin did the pot with the links the groups came back to normal. so mat i will leave it for a day and see what happens

  • Since you're using Elgg 1.12 it's very hard for us to offer support as that version has been out of support for over 3 years. See http://learn.elgg.org/en/stable/appendix/support.html#timeline

    I can't remember all the things that go into supporting 1.12.

    It's definitely time to upgrade to a newer version. http://learn.elgg.org/en/stable/admin/upgrading.html

    Sorry I can't be more helpfull.

  • Elgg 1.12 is not compatible with PHP 7. Period!

    Maybe you have been lucky that it worked for some reason with PHP 7 for whatever reason or maybe the server was running on PHP 5 up until recently.

    Elgg 2.3 is the first Elgg version workin on PHP 7. It should be possible to upgrade Elgg core directly from Elgg 1.12 to 2.3. But you would require compatible version of you 3rd party plugins that work with Elgg 2.3 or you would have to go on without these 3rd party plugins not updated for Elgg 2.

    You should get in contact with the support of your webhoster asking them about what to do to downgrade to PHP 5 again. We can't help you with that. You should also ask them where to find the server logs. We can't help you with that either because they might be at different locations on different hosters/server installations.

    Speaking in general, to disable plugins temporarily without access to the admin section of your site you can create a file that you name "disabled" in the mod folder of your Elgg installation. Only the name of the file is important not the content. With this file present Elgg does not load the plugins (bundled and 3rd party). They are not shown as deactivated in the plugin list but you could do that yourself if you have access to the admin area again. Removing the disabled file results in Elgg loading the plugins again (except those you might have deactivated in the meantime). But this probably won't help you here with the wrong PHP version causing the problem in the first place probably also with Elgg core alone.