Related-items by Rohit Gupta

I liked the plugin related-items by Rohit Gupta and I tested it on elgg 4.3.1 on my xamppserver, it worked. But after upgrading to 4.3.2 it stopped displaying the related items without an error, I want to use this plugin on my website indeed. Would it be possible for Rohit Gupta to develop  this plugin again? 

  • I can't see this in your post, but have you tried contacting Rohit through the community to let him know that there is an issue?

    You can leave a comment on the plugin version you're using or you can send a message to him from his profile.

  • Hi Fazli, Thanks for testing the plugin with elgg 4.3. Majority of my plugin is being used on my own website which is still running on elgg 4.1 and that is why I have the plugin supported till 4.1. I have not yet tested the plugin with any recent elgg release. I will be updating all my plugin but I don't think this will be done anytime soon. I am planning to update the plugins but it will be done somewhere around December this year. You will have to wait for few more months for the latest version. Thanks.

  • Thanks for your reply, Rohit. I will wait for it. İt is really a useful plugin. Thanks again.