A presentations/portfolio feature

In exploring information on Elgg I came across a Youtube clip by Dave Tosh from Curverider explaining how Elgg can be used as a portfolio (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cy_e2WwzzAc. 1:48 ). The presentation feature that is discussed is exactly what I am looking for but I can't find it anywhere.

Is it a plugin that has been renamed or has it been withdrawn as a feature. Maybe it has been incorporated into something else.

The functionality is the ability to add elements to the presentation (within Elgg) from inside the community/group as well as external material and the ability for comment on the presentation or individual components of the presentation. Sharing of the presentation can be to the group, community or even outside Elgg.

Any help, gratefully received.



  • The plugin you mentioned isn't on the community. Anyway, it's already outdated.

    You can use other plugins to get what you want. It won't be exactly like Tosh, but you've no other way.

    Look at Embed Extender.

    This plugin allows you to insert existing objects on the site.

    With the bundled plugins Embed and File you can embed the external files.

    But you can only do this with existing entities ('blog', 'page' etc).

    You need to create a new entity (object) (e.g. 'presentation') to do what you want.

    You may need the developer's help to create a custom plugin.

    If you don't want to hire a developer, or you don't have enough knowledges, you can use in addition the bundled plugins Blogs or Pages, or Static, Pages Tools.