multisite plugin and core files for elgg 1.5 and elgg 1.6.1


I have just uploaded the new version of the multisite plugin.

It includes some bug fixing and a few new features

The major one is the implementation of a full local admin role :

- Local admins now have the same permissions than the admin on the groups and objects of their community. (update, delete)

- A new gatekeeper function is introduced for actions that can be used by admin and local admins : multisite_admin_gatekeeper()

- Local admins now get an extra menu on users profile pages and icons, similar to the admin one, that allows them to ban/unban, edit details, reset password, make/remove localadmin

I already use this plugin in productions sites. But i better say that you need to test it on your own installation before running into production.  I hope not but  there should be still a lot of situations that i have never been into and which could lead into problems.

Thanks to Chrisn Deon and the others who have reported bugs and sometimes solutions for the previous version

Thanks to Alivin for his work on elgg1.6 and his ideao to allow users to switch from a community to another without relogging

the file is there - Please follow instructions on the readme file to install it

And again, please, share your questions and experiences on this forum


  • @Father

    - The trailing slash pb : When you run init for the first time, all the existing sites are updated with the wrong value as domain name. The pb is that when you run the init process aghain, the sites entities are not updated any more and are left with the wrong domain value. This is the way to avoid erasing the site_setting metadata of existing sites which if not, would lead to loose all the settings options of existing sites. There is one way to get out of this situation : use the admin->communities->communities setting menu and the choose the settings option of the community you need to update. There you will be abble to update the domain name. (of course, you can do it directly in the database, it works  :))

    -use own domain name : One interesting point is that you can use the domain name setting to run several dommains on the same installation. Let's say that your installation is runned under the domain and that you would like to run a bunch of sites under a on the same installation. Just do the following steps :

    - got to the current community settings (admin->communities->communities setting) ans change the domain value to (dont forget the trailing slash). Now create a new community from the current community. The new one will get an url name like (something can be a www or anything else) and all the communities you will create from it will be in the Another point is that from the tools->communty menu, users will only be abble to see the communities from the same domain (exceptthe communities set to the same network name which will see each other)

    -switching ehanced menu : i think it is now time to develop specifi plugins for multisitsite. At my side, iwill release a specific multisite custom_index which allo to get a very specific index behaviour for each individual site

    Please let me know if you point up any bugs. I am about to release a 2.3.5 version in a couple of days, which i would like to be the final 2.3 version.

    The 2.3.5 will include :

    • securized swithing from one community to another, using md5 encryption
    • css ehancements
    • code cleaning (i was a very elgg beginner when i started this plugin one year ago, so there is some awfull piece of codes which i want to remove - at least a part of them :))


  • A thought here for future versions...

    The ability to change owner of a community... Lets say a community owner wants to give up ownership of his/her group then there should be some kinf of ability change the owner on either overall admin side or the local admin side...

    Just a thought.

  • GregKeys

    When Elgg commerce is enabled I get these errors

    File stores/92large.jpg (0) is missing an owner!

  • GregKeys

    Also when clicking Connect from the community menu I get a blank page with an ID at the top

    id = 810, on refresh it works fine.

  • I have found that the riverdashboard does not work in the communities. It works on the main domain but the sub domains or communities. 

    I have tried making river dashboard global as well as local. Have I missed something here?

    Also I have noticed that not all plugins will work in sub communities. Once again have I missed something?

    Part of the problem may be the ordering of the plugins. Local admin do not have the option to re-order plugins. maybe this is something that can be implemented in the next release.

    Is there a way for local admins to configure a plugin for their community? Or is the only option to enable and disable a plugin?


  • @GrgKeys :

    - Elgg Commerce : i have made some test and i caanot reproduce the problem on my side can you tell me more about that ?

    - id pb : i got that on Deon's side, this is already solved in 2.3.5 which i will release this week

    @Father :

    - Community owner : this is already implemented -> when a localadmin click on a user icon, he gets a an option to make this user local admin. Other point : 2.3.5 fixes a non display of the adminsite menu for localadmins who are not admin

    - Riverdashboard : its works -> see the activity meny in the toolsbar menu when you activate it, the pb is that you cannot use the plugin setting to make it replace the dashboard. It is possible to include plugin setting at the localadmin level, the pb is that for some plugins, the settings should be admin only. I think about adding an admin option for each individual plugin in the admin->community->managetools to leave to the admin the choice of allowing or not the localadmins to access the settings

    -Reordering plugins could lead to a lot of troubles... i think its better to leave this to the admin only