multisite plugin and core files for elgg 1.5 and elgg 1.6.1


I have just uploaded the new version of the multisite plugin.

It includes some bug fixing and a few new features

The major one is the implementation of a full local admin role :

- Local admins now have the same permissions than the admin on the groups and objects of their community. (update, delete)

- A new gatekeeper function is introduced for actions that can be used by admin and local admins : multisite_admin_gatekeeper()

- Local admins now get an extra menu on users profile pages and icons, similar to the admin one, that allows them to ban/unban, edit details, reset password, make/remove localadmin

I already use this plugin in productions sites. But i better say that you need to test it on your own installation before running into production.  I hope not but  there should be still a lot of situations that i have never been into and which could lead into problems.

Thanks to Chrisn Deon and the others who have reported bugs and sometimes solutions for the previous version

Thanks to Alivin for his work on elgg1.6 and his ideao to allow users to switch from a community to another without relogging

the file is there - Please follow instructions on the readme file to install it

And again, please, share your questions and experiences on this forum


  • 4) replaced the /engine/lib files from the elgg16 folder of the plugin + the simplecache/view.php file  + the /engine/start.php file - refreshed my browser to see if I get a blank (white) screen - I DID GET A WHITE SCREEN

    Here's the url that produces a white screen --> http://<>/elgg/pg/multisite/admin/adminmultisite

  • @devel95   So, i have made a last check. I know that the 2.3.3 version is already running on some places but i wanted to be sure that there were no corrupted file so i downloaded the zip file and try to replace my own files with the ones from the 2.3.3 zip file. Nothing happen .... The site is still running without any pb ....

    At this point, i can't say what is wrong on your side which leads into this blankpage pb. I can make dozens of guess but i would need to have an admin account, a database and ftp access to find out what is going on there.


  • I've rolled back to elgg v1.6.1 without the MsB plug-in. Time to move on to other projects. Will revisit elgg again in near future.

  • I have installed this plugin and as Fabrice describes in the readme file and it went without any problems at all - Well at least so far!  From what I see this is a huge asset to Social networking Fabrice!

    Thank You For all your Hard Work!

  • Now that I have this installed Iand have played around I have this to report:

    No problems @ all with the main Elgg site at all or any other plugins

    Users and admin can create communities just fine.



    1) However there is no admin button of the new community anywhere from what we see.

    2) if user or admin goes to the communities menu - They see the communities they are a member of:


    The Asylum



    unregister / connect


    If the user clicks the connect button they get a 404 error or broken link error



    As you can see there is no slash / between .com and the word mod


    3) under admin settings --> Communities support - If I edit a communities settings I see


    Settings: Communities Support

    url (ending by "/")


    Domain (ending by "/")

    It looks to me as if url is supposed to have a trailing slash / but if I add it in and save settings it stays the same. Matter of fact if I edit anything on this page and save changes nothing happens. When I click save the page reloads like it is saving the changes but nothing happens. I am unable to change spellings or community names etc...

    4) As a user under the communities page there is an icon next to each community. I can click the icon and it will load just fine. However it has all the settings/pics/ and name of - I try to login and get redirected back to the main site of and it gives me a token mismatch error - however I can do everything on the main site as normal.

    Anyhow thats what I have at this time.

    Any insight that you can offer would be great. Seems to me it is a permissions problem somewhere...



  • Ok I think It is all fixed, I went and did a manually edit in the database and added in the slash where it was need and everything else fell into place.

    Lets check the rest out

  • dat danged trailing slash lolz ;-) typos.. boxed us in too several tymz heh heh...

  • Yes all is well and alive! This is definetly a great addon if you wish to build a huge super Elgg Tastic Community! I am glad I have an extra server to play with! So now I am going to open this up to several beta testors and allow them to play around building their own communities!

    Now if we could just get a little pull down box on the elgg top bar that is done with Java that will allow a user to jump from one community to another with just one click would be sweet!

  • talk to SiBaz(UK) re: this feature ;-) he the expert . i know exactly wot u mean. SiBaz posted 1 small ques. I posted back 1 small answer. within abt 3 days or so he coded all that techie shtz 2 perfection. i salute him. he's g-o-o-d..

  • I think one function I would like to see is the ability to allow users to use their own domain names that would point at the sub domain and function like it is their domain.

    Any thoughts on this?

    Side Note: Yes I know it is easy enough to allow users to forward a domain to the community.