multisite plugin and core files for elgg 1.5 and elgg 1.6.1


I have just uploaded the new version of the multisite plugin.

It includes some bug fixing and a few new features

The major one is the implementation of a full local admin role :

- Local admins now have the same permissions than the admin on the groups and objects of their community. (update, delete)

- A new gatekeeper function is introduced for actions that can be used by admin and local admins : multisite_admin_gatekeeper()

- Local admins now get an extra menu on users profile pages and icons, similar to the admin one, that allows them to ban/unban, edit details, reset password, make/remove localadmin

I already use this plugin in productions sites. But i better say that you need to test it on your own installation before running into production.  I hope not but  there should be still a lot of situations that i have never been into and which could lead into problems.

Thanks to Chrisn Deon and the others who have reported bugs and sometimes solutions for the previous version

Thanks to Alivin for his work on elgg1.6 and his ideao to allow users to switch from a community to another without relogging

the file is there - Please follow instructions on the readme file to install it

And again, please, share your questions and experiences on this forum


  • Tried backing out Multisite Beta 2.3.1. Still have a white screen. Guess I need to wipe clean and start over from the very beginning. Will reinstall 1.6.1, then the couple plug-in mods I installed and then try Multisite Beta 2.3.2. Wish me luck.

  • Hi guys

    i have set up a demo site there

    (elgg 1.6.1 under a folder as you can see :) )

    once there :

    • Create an account
    • Go to the tools->communities menu
    • Create a community (will be your private full elgg social network)
    • Connect to your new community
    • Use the adminsite menu to add new tools and change the them

    Have fun and give me your feedbacks please

  • Fabrice --  I may have seen a post somewhere that stated our url must start with 'www.' - is that accurate? I am with a large university and our develoment and testing server's URL is not that basic -- that is, the URL does not start with 'www.' - it looks like

    So, can I use your multisite beta to test or will it not work with our url structure? Getting url aliases is not an easy procedure here...

    (P.S. my elgg 1.6.1 is still hosed-up since adding M.B. 2.3.1 and then 2.3.2)

  • @Devel95  No pb the point is that you you comme the site site with a htp:// and if multisite doesn't find an elgg site at that url, then it will search for a But in you case, it will find the elgg site at your url, so no pb.

    @all i am just about to upload a 2.2.3 version, a view file adatpted to subfolder installations, was missing in the 2.3.2. ... sorry






  • Ok the 2.3.3 is online there

    This is the one running on the "under subfolder" installation type at the demo site

    This version suit to root installations as well as subfolders installations


  • Ok, Fabrice. Any thoughts on why I get a white screen at ?

    I can no longer use my elgg since I installed MB 2.3.1 yesterday. I reverted back to the base code having fully removed MB 2.3.1 and 2.3.2. Still I get the white screen.

    The only thing I haven't done is download elgg 1.6.1 and drop the database and start again. I prefer not to go that route because a couple people here have setup user accounts and have done some page customizing, etc.

  • @Devel95  i run into a 404 page not foundat

    what about 1.6.1  did you upgrade your site from 1.5 to 1.6.1 at the same time ?


  • First, I am not even getting a 404. All I get is a white screen. I added the following code to ../elgg/index.php:

    • error_reporting(E_ALL); // to show all errors - server configured at 6135, increases to 6143
    • ini_set('display_errors','On'); // to turn on error display

    but I don't see any error messages.

    Second, we are new to elgg. It was tried here a few years back (before my time here at the university) but there were too many issues so the team scrapped the project. My supervisor heard some new things surfacing about elgg and asked me to install and test it to give it another try. So I went straight to v1.6.1.

    We need Multisite capabilities though. In the last week of working with elgg I have made little progress due to the glitches I encounter.

  • @Devel95  Sorry i still only get a 404 error page at this url  is it the good one ?

  • I see what you are attempting...the "myDomain" was merely to show the url structure. I/we don't own

    I had preferred not to publically display our url at this time.