An Image Text Sitemap Made By Hand

The available site maps aren't working and they won't anymore.
I need to copy and paste all the image files links within the file directory and paste them into a text document to publish a file sitemap to the search engines, I tried and I got text files but not image files like jpg, png etc.
Then I tried to do the job with these links and they change all the times with different browsers.
Can someone tell me where in Elgg's directories are the image links located? Please.
Thank You.

  • It's a very bad idea to link in the sitemap to the location of the file in the data directory.

    You just need to provide a link to the file page;


    Otherwise, you'll have big problems with SEO.

    But if you want to do it your own way, then you need to specify a download link:


    For images you can use this snippet:

    $file->canDownload() ? $file->getDownloadURL() : $file->getIconURL('large');

    This is necessary because URL to the direct location of the file uses cookies and timestamp. That's why you're getting this:

    they change all the times with different browsers

    Learn more.

    In addition, there're several plugins that you can try depending on your version of Elgg: [Free] [Paid]

  • I thought that you're creating your sitemap using PHP code. But you're doing something really weird.

    adding the  "  $file->getDownloadURL();  "  at the end of the file link?

    Of course, this is wrong.

    I strongly recommend that you use the mentioned plugins for this instead of doing something you don't know.

    what about a quicklink

    I don't understand what this has to do with the sitemap.

  • MR Shcherbin.
    The site map I'm doing is a sitemap.txt with all the newer links on it. One by One and the search engines will crawl it with no problems, but if there isn't any directories inside the site with Elgg where I can go and copy those links, fine.
    Already I did the sitemap.xml but search engines refuse to crawl and they don't work. I tested Google search for example and it reports links not in it's records.

    To the bottom line:  I need to know if there are any safe links with images and text links that I can grab and include them to deliver it in a form of sitemap.tx to the search Engines?

  • any safe links with images and text links that I can grab and include them to deliver it in a form of sitemap.tx to the search Engines?

    We use the usual links to file pages. Google likes that. We too.

    I still don't understand why you don't want to use the mentioned plugins.

    I just tried this plugin on Elgg 3.3 and it works great.

    But if you want to have a headache with the manual creation of the sitemap, well, I can only wish you good luck.

  • Mr. Nikolai Shcherbin,

    I strongly appreciate your information, it is very helpful and that's is a very good reason why Elgg Software is getting better now, because of developers like you.
    I installed that sitemap plugin already, but the job is not getting done by G, so far. I guess that search engine is having troubles with their servers database also these days (I think they lost or erased all the internet websites records and now they just go by what is new and mobile friendly).

    I will appreciate if someone updates the "Marketplace and Questions 7.0 plugins", that is the reason why I can't move on into the Elgg 4.2.1 right now because my site has Elgg 3.3.24 ver.