Some problems appear after moving the site to another server

After I moved my site from a server that uses cpanal to the new server that uses WebMain, I encountered some problems, which are:
Some of the personal pictures of the members, including me, that do not appear, and there are some whose pictures appear, and they are the members who have joined the site a while ago. I do not know the time period
Also, the process of downloading files by pressing the download button can be downloaded to some and to others not. I noticed that those who can download their files are the same people whose personal photos appear. I did not try this with everyone, but with a few group
Also, when uploading the profile picture, the error message AVATAR RESIZE FAILED appears
Also, when I add a file to the site in the Files section, this error appears. we could not save your file
The solutions I tried are based on some of the topics I found on elgg
It was the installation of GD
Disable all plug-ins and experiment but it all didn't work
  • There some clear instructions at that always get referred to if someone asks about how to migrate an Elgg installation from one server to another. The instructions also explain how to deal with the data directory.

    The main points to be taken into account when moving with regards to the data directory:

    • You have to include the data directory and all its content when moving to another server. If you haven't copied the data directory over, the content is lost.
    • You have to make sure that the data directory and all its subfolders and files within are accessible, readable and writeable by the webserver. This probably requires to "chmod" the permissions recursively and and to be on the save side also to "chown" them recursively if file owner and group have changed on the new server or due to the migration process. If permissions and/or owner:group don't match the webserver might not even see the files exist and therefore can't serve for example profile images from old accounts while it might work with new accounts. It might also not be possible to upload new files if the already existing folders where the files of an account are to be saved are not accessible/writeable by the webserver.
    • Path to data directory as saved in the database might have to be updated (as explained in the migration instructions) and also in the elgg-confug/settings.php file to match the location of the data directory on the new server. Otherwise, you might end with two data directories with different paths where Elgg and the webserver might ignore one of them (the one not matching the path in database and settings).

    Now maybe some more bad news: it would really, really have been necessary to get the database issue sorted out first thing after migrating to a new server. Maybe it can partly be fixed by setting paths in database and settings.php correctly if they are nor correct so far and by fixing file permission and owner issues. But as I understand due to the Bulk User Admin plugin fuss where you deleted already a lot of accounts it might be worth noting that you might have a lot of files in the data directory that belonged to accounts you now have deleted. If the webserver couldn't access these files due to permission issues the files could not get deleted while their accounts got deleted. It might not even have any errors occured if the files were not accessible by the webserver because they were kind of "invisible" for Elgg even due to the missing access permissions. So, you might now have a vast amount of files in your data directory without an owner. And before you ask: no, there's no easy way to fix and probably no existing plugin to sort out this issue.

  • Thank you, I have checked the files and they are working
    There is another problem with adding Tidypics pictures. When adding a picture, this message appears
    You cannot access AJAX views directly

  • Sorry. I'm no longer willing to play this game of yours. Everytime I suggest to you what might be wrong you come back telling me that everything is fine and it can't be what I suggested. Then a little bit later you come up with a new posting where it turns out that what you had been asked before is still not working and you haven't even tried my suggestions and then you add some new problem.

    Why do you think it should be different with Tidypics when uploading pictures as opposed to profile images and other kind of files? It's all saved in the data directory. And if you have problems with adding new files or serving of old files - especially in connection with a server migration - it's mostly a problem with file permissions or issues connected with it. The error message of Tidypics is simply misleading in this case as I can only assume that the basic Elgg installation works before you start uploading images with it. So, fix your general problems of your installation before you think you have specific issues with one or other plugin.

    I really have no patience anymore trying to help you. Maybe someone else can fix your countless problem or you just try to hire a professional who sorts out the problems of your site once and for all but I simply can't reply to each of your messages anymore if it just feels it makes no sense to anyway.

  • Thanks for everything you've done, you're doing a great job