Tabs component in elgg lightbox

Hi everyone,

I am trying to display the "Tabs" component (elgg_view('page/components/tabs') in elgg lightbox.

So I followed the "theme_sandbox/components" documentation.

echo elgg_view('page/components/tabs', ['tabs' => [
        'attachments' => [
                'text' => 'Inline Content',
                'content' => elgg_view('developers/ipsum'),
                'selected' => true,
        'related' => [
                'text' => 'Related Contents',
                'content' => elgg_list_entities([
                                'types' => 'user',
                                'list_type' => 'gallery',
                                'gallery_class' => 'elgg-gallery-users',
                                'pagination' => false,
       'history' => [
                'text' => 'History',
                'content' => elgg_view('developers/ipsum'),


The "Tabs" are showed in elgg lightbox and the default selected tab content is displayed.

But when I click on other 'Tabs' the content are not displayed.

Could someone help me ?



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Beginning Developers

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