flexfile - additional items added do not show up in the file view


When enabling the flexfile plugin and adding some new fields to the file form (which works great), these fields are only viewable when the file is edit. Is it possible for you to fix this for the next version so that all added fields are looped over and printed in the file view as well?

I'd be happy to supply a patch for that as well if you could integrate it for the next version

Liran Tal.

  • Hi Liran,

    Please read the README file associated with the flexfile plugin. You will see how easy it is to add those fields using the templating system.

    No patch is needed as the current system is actually more flexible.

  • Are you referring to the "Templates" tab when editing a File Form?
    I did play with inserting some text there though that only inserts "static" HTML text.

    The README mentions adding

    <div class="filerepo_tags"> {{$file_tags}} </div>

    to the file form display template. Could you make that issue a bit clearer? what file form display template? are we talking about editing the view files?



  • Ahh, a little playing with it proves useful indeed. So that divs goes inside those WYSIWYG, nice.

  • The

    <div class="filerepo_tags"> {{$file_tags}} </div>

    is a typo. (It will be fixed in the next version).

    It should be:

    <div class="filerepo_tags"> {$file_tags} </div>

    (single curly brackets)

    The full templating system is explained in the main form plugin README.

  • Kevin this is a bit off topic but I'm not sure if maybe the flexfile form affects this or not - when files are uploaded to a group and assigned access to the group then search results for the file (by title/tags, doesn't matter) will only show up the file is the user is a member of that group (which is "obvious" due to the nature of how access permissions work).

    I was wondering if it would be possible to return results that the file exists even if the user isn't a member of that group but maybe have access to it (to download it or view it for example) only if the user is a member of that group.


    Have you faced this dilema before?


  • In Elgg you either have access to an entity or not.

    If you do have access, then you can search for it, view it and download it.

    If you don't have access than you can't do any of those things. It is as if the entity does not exist.

    That has nothing to do with my plugin.

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