RSS not updating...

Hi All - A user has pointed out an interesting problem with RSS feeds, they exist - and they can be queried (like when Firefox has a live bookmark it queries the rss feed) but services like bloglines don't seem to update with the rss feeds from elgg blogs. They grab the recent ones when you first subscribe but don't update there after, has anyone any idea why this might be?

  • I think there is a problem with how the RSS is being generated. I think the rss feed is using the time the information was created rather than the time the information was updated. That would explain why an RSS reader gets good information once and then fails to update after that.

    In Elgg 1.5, I looked into the rss files in views/rss and various mods. From what I could tell there were lots of references to time_created and not many to time_updated. I started looking into a fix, but have gotten derailed on that. My notes say something about time_updated not being set for all object subtypes. That would be where I start up once I find time to work on it again.

    Of couse, it would be good to check to see if version 1.6 exhibits the same behavior.