Embbeded media bug

Hi all!First of all, thanks for that great project, we are trying to install it as a universitary platform, very early development, but the whole thing and its plugins are just GREAT !!! I hope i will manage to contribute to the community through my work on elgg platform.However, i've encontered an issue I don't manage to resolve, and would like to ask for your help.I'm trying to embed some photo sending a message on a elgg platform, the pop-up pops but when i click on a picture, just nothing is happening, the pop-up stays, the photo doesn't enter in the message, and the only thing i can do is closing the pop-up.Here's a screenshot of the place where occur the bug, with the corresponding Java console.http://img10.imageshack.us/img10/1800/bug1elgg.jpgDoes someone has an idea what is happening ? i've looked around but didn't saw a post or a fix proposed for this issue.

  • It usually happens when you have incorrect order of the plugins. E.g. if you are embedding a photo, you have to have the photo/file plugin below the Embed and TinyMCE plugin, or else you will end up clicking the photo numerous time without any success.

    Atleast this is what happened with me and re-ordering the plugins solved the problem.