Multiple files for a given object


I have developed a plugin with a simple text and longtext textboxes.  For this plugin, it will need multiple file uploads. 

How can I do this?  Initially, I thought it was saving each file upload as a seperate object and then setting parent_guid to the plugin's GUID but I do not think it is working.

Can anyone share some light please? Example codes would be best!!!



  • Where can we download your PlugIn to have a look ? If you're willing to share your code... someone else will certainly be willing to share some advice ;-)

  • Hi,

    I do not have it for upload.  But basically, what i have now is a text and textarea field.  Now I need to allow this subtype to have multiple file uploads. 

    I can set the form to allow say 10 files, but  this is not efficient and I'm sure Elgg has  a better approach.

    Im sure this is common and anyone that can share some advice would be great.



  • Can I presume, I need to create relationships if I needed multiple files for a given object?