Elgg DB Tables Vs Performance

anyone else ?? elgg system log activity will get to site's performance sooner or later lolz !!!

  • If you have garbage collection enabled (and cron properly configured) the systemlog table will be rotated periodically, which will minimize performance hits while letting you maintain the log for whatever legal or historical reasons you might need.

  • Dhrup bring this up in the meeting it needs more discussion

  • is it possible to have more information for a correct set up and how, why use these plugin?:

    • crontrigger

    • garbagecollector

    • logrotate

  • @lord55 Information on how to set up cron is in the INSTALL.txt file.  The other two are just a matter of enabling and setting the period.

  • Just sharing our MySql Peeformance tuning stats with the world -->

    [OK] Currently running supported MySQL version 5.0.77-log
    [OK] Operating on 64-bit architecture
    [--] Status: -Archive -BDB -Federated +InnoDB -ISAM -NDBCluster
    [--] Data in MyISAM tables: 2G (Tables: 438)
    [--] Data in InnoDB tables: 2M (Tables: 131)
    [--] Data in MEMORY tables: 0B (Tables: 15)
    [!!] Total fragmented tables: 46
    [--] Up for: 14d 7h 53m 44s (1B q [1K qps], 7M conn, TX: 931B, RX: 239B)
    [--] Reads / Writes: 96% / 4%
    [--] Total buffers: 1.7G global + 2.7M per thread (600 max threads)
    [OK] Maximum possible memory usage: 3.3G (41% of installed RAM)
    [OK] Slow queries: 0% (16K/1B)
    [OK] Highest usage of available connections: 43% (258/600)
    [OK] Key buffer size / total MyISAM indexes: 1.4G/2.8G
    [OK] Key buffer hit rate: 100.0% (81B cached / 4M reads)
    [OK] Query cache efficiency: 58.9% (736M cached / 1B selects)
    [OK] Query cache prunes per day: 0
    [OK] Sorts requiring temporary tables: 0% (7K temp sorts / 9M sorts)
    [OK] Temporary tables created on disk: 2% (75K on disk / 3M total)
    [OK] Thread cache hit rate: 99% (258 created / 7M connections)
    [OK] Table cache hit rate: 99% (3K open / 3K opened)
    [OK] Open file limit used: 22% (3K/16K)
    [OK] Table locks acquired immediately: 99% (874M immediate / 878M locks)
    [OK] InnoDB data size / buffer pool: 2.5M/8.0M
    General recommendations:
    Run OPTIMIZE TABLE to defragment tables for better performance

  • Well I had my site down for more then 8 HOURS today because thanks to running ELGG my site since it is getting busy CRASHED one of GoDaddy.com's MYSQL Servers and an UNTOLD amount of other users on Grid Shared Hosting did not have any service. I spoke with GoDaddy.com Tech Support and it almost sounded like or I could be wrong that ELGG is NOT Server Resource Friendly and the install on RapiChat.com had Thousands of MySQL database calls or what ever they called it going on constantly. This was KILLING the MySQL Server and Killing everyone else who also had a database on this server.


    $500 a MONTH to RUN an ELGG Installed Site with the following Traffic Rankings:

    Alexa.com 117,000 rank

    Google PR: 4

    I am slowly being forced into a Dedicated Hosting account and I am not investigating this issue on my own before I pay $500 in advance right now to GoDaddy.com. GoDaddy.com Support SAID I MUST REDUCE the NUMBER OF MYSQL TABLES!

    I so far deleted most of the Log Files which were adding to the MYSQL Tables and Space. I also am getting RID of several Plugins that could be DANGEROUS to RUN meaning they could be RESOURCE SUCKING VAMPIRE PLUGINS. I might be able to conpile a LIST OF THESE PLUGINS so people will be aware that these can and will get your site shut down.

    So an investigation is being conducted as we speak and I will report and release all findings that could benefit others when I am done. At this time my site is running again and I did not just hand over my Bank Card just yet.

    Everyone who installs ELGG better FACE the FACTS is one day your site will be busy and you better make sure you have some cash to keep it online.

  • @rjcalifornia On a Brighter more Positive note ANYONE who installs ELGG and dream of one day creating a site like Facebook, Myspace or Twitter can be rest assured that they NO LONGER have to DREAM. I am maybe being used as an Example your site will EXPLODE possibly all on it's own.

    The social network industry is going to become the next billion dollar industry by 2013 I read somewhere and what some experts are trending. So anyone who has installed ELGG on their own .COM Domain better get ready for the time of their life.

    ONE MORE THING would be to learn by my mistakes learn as much about MySQL, PHP and API as possible it will greatly help but it is not manditory. Elgg is almost self sustaining but it just helps out when you are making those calls to your web hosting provider and they appreciate that you also invested into your site and business.

    Always question your Web Host Provider ask is there a limit on the size of each MySQL Database the word UNLIMITED with any Web Host is not what it appears to be.

  • I think many ambitions would be better off blogspots verus Elgg sites. Most people including me dream big when dreaming not so big isn't always a bad idea either. Elgg sites will have their place, but without active users really wanting inside and boucing around somewhat, a blogsite might have been what the might have dreamed of.

  • Is there a way to change the way the Internal Logging System works? The guys at GoDaddy.com really know how to STRESS a PERSON OUT and maybe it's because they are FORCED on every CALL to UPSELL and Promote Other Products. This guy was going the EXTRA MILE maybe and using FEAR to get me to UPGRADE to $500 more then DOUBLE I am currently paying!

    Why would GoDaddy.com even Offer ELGG as one of their Installed Platforms for all their Customers if they know that ELGG is a Resource HOG??

    PLus GoDaddy.com is so AGAINST their Customers doing a Self Install of ELGG or anything else they offer even WP. What is the BIG DEAL THERE? How much more different would the install be if I did it inside my GoDaddy.com Account?

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