Multisite setup on 1.6

I just setup multisite on a 1.6 version of Elgg.  Initially I had problems with style not displaying but I fixed that by turning of caching.  I create create new communities (good start) but when I register with them and then try to connect the following happens:

1) .mod/multisite/multilogin.php - When connecting there is always a . before the mod.  It seems to be coming from the community setup where the . is added to the end of the url and even if I remove it, the system keeps putting it back.

2)  So I take out the . which goes to mod/multisite/multilogin.php  and I see te basics of a login page with language elements multisite:security_message and no fields for me to enter my login.

I tried going directly to to login but it didn't allow me to login.

Any ideas on what coudl be going on here would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

  • Hi Kkelley ...

    1) to make the cache system work properly, you have to implement the hacks in /engine/start.php, /engine/lib/elgglib.php and /simplechane/view.php  did you implement them (or copy the hacked file ) ?

    2) the . stuff : something has been wrong when you have inited the plugin. (did you init it ?)

    now you can can repair that, in setting up the community where you have pbs. go to admin->communities->communities setting and click on the settings link of the community you want to change. I guess you need to change the url ....