If you know about the internet marketplace, then you know how important these events are for building your business. i'd love to hear what people think about this.

  • West Coast
    East Coast
    North Coast
    South Coast
    Any Country...
    if I have tyme...
    I be there ;-)

  • Anything East or West coaast is go for me! (NYC preferred!!!). Whose gonna take the helm on this one? I'd be happy to start organizing a NYC event - anyone wanna help out?

  • ".... ;-) Hey, I remember your trek up to Boston - quite a hike so I understand.  Sounds like DC/VA area, or even southern NJ (Atlantic City) may be a good middle for the Eastcoasters?..../"

  • i'm up for anything as south as NC. I think atlantic city would be a great middle ground, good idea, Dhrup. Who is on board for elgg Camp AC in early 2010??

  • I created several REGION-BASED sub-groups, hoping to see interested people go there, join up, stand up  and be counted :-

    With such unbeliveable, immense interest being shown so far.. lolz ;-) perhaps the eight of us ( out of the 22,000+ Elgg userbase) who have posted here so far and some othersd I know who will also be interested  -- we should just organize our little Mini-ElggCamp any city, any country... Hey we could even do some Carribean resort island place and put it on our 1099 for 2010 !!!

    Seems kinda obvious that sometimes people are either too busy, too much in a rush to login, download some funky PlugIn - which will increase their site user-base, monetize their web-sites, etc, etc.. but real socializing, Elgg networking ?

    I remember when I was younger, a kind, wise Division Manager used to say that in life, I would often hear people say "What's in it for me ?" And was it not some recent President who said " Ask not what your country can do for me, but..."

    After seeing the Elgg community activity - thru the earlier Google group days thru to this platform now.. I can say with sincerity that I have heard those words far more often than the inverse altruistic rhetoric or explicit.

    16 measly posts, 8 interested people !!! That's a hit ratio of  3.63* E-4 LOLZ;)

    So I exhort all of the apathetic hoi-poloi - "Ask not what Elgg can do for you... Ask yourself what you can do for Elgg ?"




  • I got the perfect alternative: Quasi-ElggCamp NYC -- http://www.web2expo.com/webexny2009/public/content/landing?_discount=webny09adw4&gclid=CNuCr9SO1Z0CFcmOzAod_Q2FFw.


    We should go to web 2.0 expo - it will be bigger an bettter than any camp we can mister at this time, and yet we stil get the benefit of meeting with each other. I am 100% for this and I already got my ticket. Amyone else?

  • we


    Government Discount

    25% off with proof of full-time employment with a government agency. Use discount code webny09gov, and fax proof to (707) 829-1342.


    Company Team Discount

    15% off per person if you register 3 or more people from one company. Please use webny09team in discount field. Proof of status of employment (copy of business card) for each attendee must be faxed to (707) 829-1342. If your company plans on sending 20+ people to Web 2.0 Expo New York, your group might be eligible to receive a special discount. Please contact Sara Nerius. for more details.


    Academic Staff Discount

    25% off with proof of full time academic employment status on organization letterhead. Fax to (707) 829-1342. Please use webny09as in discount field.


    Non Profit Discount

    40% off with proof of full time employment at a non-profit organization and verification of non-profit status (501 c3 or equivalent). Fax to (707) 829-1342. Please use webny09np in the discount field.


    Academic Instructor Discount

    50% off with proof of full time academic instructor status on organization letterhead. Fax to (707) 829-1342. Please use webny09ac in the discount field.


    Full Time Student Discount

    65% off with proof of full-time student status: a copy of ID & class schedule demonstrating enrollment in 12 or more units per semester/quarter. Fax to (707) 829-1342. Please use webny09fts in the discount field.

  • The web2.0 conference looks very interesting!  Unfortunately I'll be at ElggCamp Buenos Aires during that time :(

  • I'm going to be going, anyone else? Elgg needs some more exposure, and elggCamp isn'tgonna cut it!!!

  • wish i'd planned ahead for this ;-( but right my adopted chilluns and my server perf needs me around... but i do agree w/ philosophy - elgg being as good/ great as it is - deserves more givers/ publicizers/ exposure rather than downloaders/ takers/ bs-ers. lolz ;)

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Feedback and Planning

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