External E-mail

Hello Again Everyone!

I need to talk to somebody about e-mail again.

I'm running elgg 4.1 on wampserver 3.2.6, 64 bit hosted on a Windows 10 Pro box acting as a (the) server.

I've asked these questions before and I got answers however in retrospect it looks to me like we weren't communicating or I'm not understanding.

E-mail internal to elgg 4.1 works fine communicating from account to account.  What I'm trying to get going is the confirmation e-mail that a person is supposed to receive when they attempt to register an account.  Is there a plugin that I'm missing or perhaps a .php file I'm supposed to edit.

I talked to the tech support guy at the DNS hosting service that's hosting my site and they gave me a set of instructions as did my ISP.  Everybody is telling me that I need to be directing web traffic at an external webserver using mail server addresses and port numbers.

If someone would be so kind as to explain this to me I would sure be grateful.  

Thank you and very best regards...

  • All you need to know is what kind of program to send email aka MTA you use.

    First, check out this.

    Default PHP configuration.

    Now, you can choose an external mail service.

    Just add email configuration to settings.php file. (Follow the comments/instructions there).

    The related discussions where you can look at the examples: 1, 2

    That's all you need to do.

  • I have been all over this problem and thus far have had no success in getting this problem, getting this email validation thing to work.  I even changed the Elgg website email address to one of my personal email address and that didn't work either.

    Then I got to thinking about the cron jobs that handle all these different routine tasks that the website needs to run periodically and I started to wonder how I could check if the, "crontrigger" plugin is working properly.

    How could I check the, "crontrigger" plugin to make sure it's running the email send cron job?


  • Well, now I've already replied to your email - not knowing you use WAMP - so I won't reply everything I wrote in the mail. Maybe just one thing: Crontrigger plugin has nothing to do with sending of validation email or other email messages sent by the Messages plugin because these emails are sent instantly.

    Maybe the first step would be to get sending of emails working in WAMP and be sure that it really works. See https://stackoverflow.com/questions/5773288/configure-wamp-server-to-send-email for some advice that might help.

    If for any reason the sending of mails doesn't work with the PHP mail() function outside of Elgg on your server, the only other way is using SMTP and setting up your Elgg installation accordingly. But that's what @Nikolai Shcherbin already posted links with advice for.

  • That link has a lot of good sounding information.  Looks like my dance card is full for the rest of the day. 

  • I wanted to update everyone who have been helping me with this external email problem.  The solution that iionly posted, the, "https:// stackoverflow.com/questions/5773288/configure-wamp-server-to-send-email" was the answer.  The external email dragon has been slain so now I can sleep at night knowing that this problem is solved.