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Respected Team,

Basically IN current system I could invite my friends and friends can add me..And also If i am trying to invite friend who is already on the system, then it automatically sent friend request..But what i want right now that Couple of friends send me the invitation to my email address and after couple of months i registered to this site via, So as practically i should receive friend request from them in my profile but i am not getting it as of now and i want to do something like this..

Please try to help..

  • Just soemthing in relation to the Invite friends functionality in v1.6. I can send an invite to a single recipient but I cannot send an invite to multiple recipients at the one time even though it says to place multiple recipient's email addresses on separate lines. Any ideas why this isn't working?

  • @Alex, First of all Alex..Thanks for your any help on this...I copied your code and after that CAPTCHA is not working in register from somehow..and because of that i could not able to register and test the code which you gave me...I also register on your demo site..I checked the flow...It only become friend of each other when I click on the link which user C sent me and then register to site and i become friend of user C...Please help me so i could also work on this secondary requirement...

    But what i want that When i goes to site and register directly from there then i could see those requests from those users who invited me...As i dont want to search those email who sent me click one by one on those links and etc....Can you guide me as much as you can...O could follow your directions and your help...Thanks A lot again...for everything would you did for me..

  • @Ozkan what i want that When i goes to site and register directly from site then i could see those friend requests in my profile from those users/friends who invited me...Hope this helps..

  • Cross reference to a new plugin.  I posted a question to @fitosan to see if your request can be managed by this.

  • Viral,

    You have posted this message numerous times in many different threads including both Google groups, to me personally 4 times, to trac, and to at least 5 other groups on the community site. This is inappropriate behavior.  You have been given quite a bit of sound advice but you must implement some of this yourself--no one will implement this for you.  I am removing all other threads you have posted on this topic except this one.  Please continue your discussions in this thread.  If you continue to practice unrestrained posting throughout this site your account will be banned.

  • I am really sorry Brett for this....I will take care from next time..