No content on index page


I just managed to finish up with installing Elgg on my server, but when my page loads 

there's no content. 

I get the title on top, one empty white box, and underneath the footer with an Elgg logo and link? 

Any know why I don't get any content? or option to login or a menu? 

  • Sounds like a simple cache problem. Run an upgrade. to do this go to your site and type in "upgrade.php" after your site name. Then clear your browser cache, close your browser and reopen. navigate to your site again and this might fix it.


  • Thanks Hottie95, I've tried that already but it didn't work. 

    any other suggestions? 

  • Make sure php is not running in safe mode. Check to see that all your server setting are correct. These are the settings

  • Thanks again hottie95, 


    I've double checked and my php is not running in safe mode, and I've met all the requirements as far as I know. 

    Any other thoughts as to what the problem might be? 

  • Try this. go to the folder you created for elggdata and delete the contents of the folder and the other folder within. Don't worry it will not hurt anything. This is where the simple cache is stored. Even though you ran the upgrade is still has the page cache file in there. Refresh your browser and try again. Is your server open can I get to it to see exactly what you are seeing. 

  • Thanks hottie95, but it didn't work for me... 

    I sent you a pm with the url

  • Okay now I see. this is not a css problem. the program is not calling the login script or the latest activity. Not quite sure. It seems to me that you may be missing some files in your upload or the mod_rewrite is not telling the correct place to go get the files. If I were you, and you have time, I would do a complete fresh install.   Viewed your source code and the login box and activity are not there.    

  • Thanks Hottie95 

    I'll have a go at re-uploading later, I'll update here later incase anyone else happens to get the same problem.