How to Systematically Handle Incomplete Entities

Elgg 2.3.7 version.

I received this error regarding incomplete entities: IncompleteEntityException: Secondary loader failed to return row for <incomplete entity guid>

Has anyone experienced with incomplete entities? In my case, I believe it was related to database encoding (utf8/utf8mb4). Also, has anyone known how to systematically clean up incomplete entities? I found this plugin - but it is for Elgg 1.9.



  • It's been some years that I had some incomplete entities, back in the days of some Elgg 1.x. I guess it was due to some server glitches back then. The DbValidator plugin helped to sort out the issue.

    The version to be fount in the github repo you've linked should still work on Elgg 2.x (probably NOT 3.x or newer anymore). The plugin has two options "validate" or "repair". You can try a validate run first. If it works without (php) errors the repair option probably works, too. In any case, backup your database before doing a repair run!!

  • Thanks iionly!

    I tried the dbvalidator plugin on Elgg 2.x site and it works like a charm.

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