TidyPics - Add Photos using HTML5 uploader is in Russian

Hi, when I go to add photos to an album I am seeing the select files dialogue in the Russian language, the site default is English and so is my default, right click -> Translate will work, but how do I set the default language of the dialogue please?

I am running TidyPics 3.3.2 on Elgg 3.3.21

This is only the HTML5/HTML4 Uploader, the text before the uploader is in English, it is just the uploader itself that is in Russian, if I disable the HTML5/4 uploader then the basic upload screen returns to English

TIA - Gary

  • Fixed already on your website.

    Just run 'Flush the caches' in the future.

  • If you still have the problem you might want to try version 3.3.3 of Tidypics. Problem with version 3.3.2 had been that the HTML5 uploader language shown wasn't necessarily the user's selected language because the way I tried to "fix" a deprecation issue introduced with Elgg 3.1 was not working as I thought (i.e. caching of uploader language files wasn't user-specific but instead only one language file got cached and that could have been different from the user's choice).