Immense amount of thanks and love/like goes to Jerome Bakker, Jeroen Dalsem

A really huge number of Plugins which are workable with the latest Elgg 4.0.0 has been released by Jerome Bakker Jeroen Dalsem This is a herculean task and really amazing. No words of appreciation or thanks are enough, I guess. Still I make this post as a mark of gratitude and heart-felt thanks. I will also ask the community members, where possible, to use various sponsorship channels so that we can keep these great developers going for ever. One recent field, is smartphone UI/UX friendly screen and buttons that lets no wastage of white space and takes into account onscreen touch keyboards and gives users a near-native-app experience out-of-the-box. Developing such theme will need, I guess heavy amount of sponsorship as well as code inputs.  I once again thank for this avalanche of new / updated plugins and  once again stress the fact that whoever of us can put into action sponsorship methods in various ways (as a whole, a specific feature, a theme etc) towards Jerome Bakker Jeroen Dalsem iionly Nikolai Shcherbin rjcalifornia and others should come forward as Elgg is still the best available Social platform in php.

PS: I would like to link the various sponsorship channels or links here but I am not sure if any community guidelines are there - also it will be great if any of us has already such a page or any suggestion towards achieving this goal really effectively and promptly.