Someone installed elgg on inmotionhosting using softalicious?

I have problems with installing elgg on shared hosting. It shows broken layout.

This is the website i made.

  • Thanks Nikolai, i think link number 2 makes sense. I had a lot of experiments to fix this but no luck. I always check views_simplecache inside elgg's data folder when it changes. It didn't write/cached any css, js and others inside of views_simplecache, but in fresh installation, it writes manifest.json in views_simplecache. When i flushed and invalidated it, it didn't replaced.

  • i think link number 2 makes sense

    Note that:

    I found that the problem is that the hosting has disabled some functions

    I recommend to contact the hosting support.


    Also, I see a lot 404 error in the dev console. This could mean that you have the wrong .htaccess.

    Especially if you installed Elgg in a subdirectory on your site.

    Check it too.