Problem when adding images within topics

When I try to add images within topics or comments through the editor, the error message appears Form is missing __token or __ts fields

I have deactivated all the extensions but the problem still persists
I've verified that .htaccess is correct as it is in the script

I would like to add an experience that I made, which is that I installed the script on another site, but on the same hosting, and I found that it had the same problem.
Please Help

  • It really isn't helpful if you constantly open new topics about the same problem!

    I don't think the error message you post is telling anything about the real cause of your problem. All the problems you seem to have, i.e. new image uploads of Tidypics not showing, an error with upgrade.php, and now the issue with the image uploads resulting in an error seem connected with file uploads and/or access to the data directory.

    I've suggested it before and I can't suggest anything else now:

    • check the error logs (depending on your server the Apache error log or the PHP error log or both). There MUST be an error or errors logged in one of them that tells more about what's wrong. If there isn't any you have either disabled the logging in the site settings (then enable it before testing again) or you don't look in the right log files (then ask the support of your hoster where to find them because nobody else knows how your server is configured).
    • don't just use htaccess.dist as template for your .htaccess file. You might have to increase memory_limit, upload_filesize and post_maxsize to fit your needs - especially for image uploads / thumbnail generation to work.
    • access to the data directory (permissions to access/read/write to files and folders within) must be correctly set for the webserver being able to fully access the data directory. Neither should any other access limitations be used if not correctly configured (e.g. SELinux, open_basedir). Ask the support if that's correctly configured. If all your troubles started with the server move there must be something amiss since then and from the outside no one of us can tell you what this might be apart from the very obvious.
  • Thank you iionly I found that the problem is that the hosting has disabled some functions

  • Could you please tell which functions were disabled and re-enabling solved the issue? Knowing the cause and the solution would help everyone who might have the same problem in the future.

  • Sorry, I don't remember the exact name of the functions anymore, but this function was disabled by the hosting side and was related to php